Increase in the incidence of lifestyle-related illnesses

There is more than one reason to get insured! Apart from softening the financial impact of illnesses and accidents, health insurance, nowadays, even covers your everyday medical expenses. You may think getting a health insurance policy is unnecessary if you have a group health cover. But if you solely rely on your group health policy, your health will lack protection when you switch jobs and when you retire.

Health insurance premiums rise with age and also as you develop diseases, so it is advisable to buy a health cover while you are young and healthy.


Increase in the incidence of lifestyle-related illnesses

Life expectancy has increased. Thanks to advancement in medicines, the average man is likely to live for around 84 years by 2040. But a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and high stress levels are the growing norm too.

This has also given rise to the early onset of chronic diseases like cancer, lung conditions and stroke, claiming younger lives. Health insurance mitigates the financial risk that may befall a person who is diagnosed with a lifestyle disease.

Increase in out-of-pocket expenses

With the healthcare industry in India witnessing double-digit inflation, it is getting extremely expensive to treat ailments in India. As a result, this puts a dent in an individual’s pocket.

Buying health insurance can double up as your emergency financial fund while preparing you for medical contingencies.

Your group health cover may not be sufficient

A group health plan may or may not cover all your family members. The sum insured limit in a group plan may also not be sufficient to meet all the medical expenses incurred. Also, during the times when you are in the process of shifting to another job or are unemployed, you and your family will be exposed to the risk of unexpected medical expenses.

And then as you’ll grow older, you might need frequent medical attention. Before that you may not want to put yourself at the risk of being uninsured.

According to a survey report, nearly 95% of Indians are under-insured, with those above 45 in the highest risk group.

Health insurance coverage is more than just hospitalization

Many health insurance plans nowadays give coverage for day care procedures and OPD, other than treatments involving hospitalisation. Health insurance policies also cover pre and post-hospitalisation as a large amount of expense on doctor consultations, tests and medicines are borne during this period. There are also health plans that cover vector-borne diseases like dengue. Domiciliary treatments, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy are also covered by the best health insurance plans in India.


Why Can You Trust Apollo Munich with Your Health

We issue one policy every 7 seconds.
We pay one claim every 4 minutes.
We pay one maternity claim every hour.

But that’s not all! You can trust us with your health because not only do we offer plans designed to give you comprehensive coverage when you need it the most but we also care for your health with a range of health & wellness services.

Sum Insured Options in Apollo Health Plans
Wide sum insured options

Choose from a wide range of sum insured options starting from INR 1 lakh to INR 50 lakhs and get health insurance policies with innumerable benefits and features.

Protection against health emergencies
Protection against health emergencies

Medical emergencies come unannounced. When you buy a health insurance plan, you will be relieved of the stress that accompanies troubled times, especially when funds are lacking.
You will be able to access quality treatment and will not need to compromise on your health. Your dreams and plans that rely on your hard-earned savings will remain in place while you get the quality healthcare you need.

hospital network of Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company
Get access to a wide network of hospitals

With 4500+ network hospitals across India, we bring best-in-class service and renowned healthcare experts at your service.

Cashless claims apollo munich company
Cashless facility

Take advantage of quick cashless claim authorisation and access world-class healthcare facilities pan-India.
You simply need to inform us 48 hours before planned hospitalisation or within 24 hours of emergency hospitalisation to avail the cashless claim facility at our network centres.

Apollo Munich Claims Process
Efficient claim process

Apollo Munich is in the business of paying claims! We honour every genuine claim with nearly 98% of our claims settled within 15 days. Since inception, we’ve settled claims worth INR 2,913 crores claims till June, 2017

Helpline for Health Insurance Information

The toll-free Healthline is a free and confidential healthcare information service available with all sum insured. This service is managed by specially trained health personnel who will be your Health Coach. You can avail primary consultation, individual referrals, health, nutrition and diet related information, health-related counselling and much more.
You can also get guidance on what to do in case of minor illnesses or injuries. You may seek to understand conditions you have been diagnosed with or get knowledge on chronic diseases.

Apollo Munich Optima Restore Stay Active benefit
Stay Active benefit

Medical insurance plans are most useful when they help you stay healthy. Our Optima Restore and Easy Health policies offer the Stay Active benefit wherein you can avail up to 8% discount on premium at the time of renewal for the steps you take in a day.
You simply need to download our Health Jinn app on your phone, sync it with Google Fit or Apple Health and aim to walk 10,000+ steps every day to earn the complete 8% discount. Walking is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health and fitness and we aim to encourage you to incorporate this activity into your daily routine.

customer service in Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company
Efficient, quick and transparent customer service

At Apollo Munich, we believe in fostering a relationship with our customers that is beyond transaction. The best medical insurance experience is accompanied by absolute transparency, integrity and clear communication.
Our customer service representatives are armed with thorough knowledge of our policies, coverage, exclusions, etc. They are well-equipped to answer all your queries and guide you from the first step of buying a policy online to the process of making claims, renewing your policy and more.

Tax Benefit of Health Insurance Policy
Tax benefit

Claim tax deduction on the health insurance policy premium under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Health and Wellness Portal
Health and Wellness Portal

As a customer, you can get numerous benefits from our health and wellness portal. The portal allows individuals to keep a track of their health like weight, BMI, etc. You can also explore healthy living, improve your lifestyle, never miss an appointment, access reports 24X7 from anywhere in the world, chat with a health coach and lots more.

Health Insurance Reimbursement claims
Restore Benefit

With the Optima Restore health insurance policy, if you exhaust your entire sum insured during a policy year, Apollo Munich will restore the base sum insured back for usage for any new illnesses, without any paperwork or any extra charge!

No Claim Bonus in Apollo Munich Health Insurance
Earn up to 100% No Claim Bonus

With the Optima Restore mediclaim policy, if you have a claim-free year, we increase your base sum insured by 50%, at no extra charge. If you do not claim even in the second year, we double the sum insured, making it 100% of the base sum insured. For instance, if you have a Rs. 5 lakhs health insurance plan and you do not make any claim in the first year, we will increase your cover to Rs. 7.5 lakhs in the first year and to Rs. 10 lakhs in the second claim free year. Which means, at the end of the second claim free year, you would be paying for a Rs. 5 lakhs plan but enjoying the benefits of a Rs. 10 lakhs plan.

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