Which Medical Insurance Plan Is Perfect for You?

At Apollo Munich, we constantly study our customers’ evolving needs, persistent doubts and deepest concerns. Based on our findings, we seek to come up with the best health insurance plans, perfect for their needs.

Are you baffled by the variety of plans offered? Would you like to understand better which medical insurance policy will best fit your needs? We are here with the answers.

Situation 1- You have a lovely family with a spouse, children and parents

The best health insurance policy for you would then be Optima Restore Family Floater! This plan has not only been our best-selling plan for a long, long time but it also gives you great value for money with benefits such as the Restore Benefit and Multiplier Benefit.

Restore Benefit in Apollo Health Plans

Restore Benefit: In case you exhaust your entire cover in a policy year, there’s no need to worry! We will reinstate your base sum insured for use for the rest of the policy year, at no extra charge.

Multiplier Benefit: For every claim-free year, you get a bonus of 50% of the base sum insured, accumulating up to a maximum of 100%. So, in case you have a 5 lakh cover and you don’t make a claim for two consecutive years, you’ll end up with a 10 lakh cover and will still be paying the price for the 5 lakh health plan!

Situation 2- You have way too many financial responsibilities

Well then, we have the perfect plan for you! Health Wallet is a plan that has been designed to not only insure your health in the present, but to secure it for the future as well. It does do by offering a Reserve Benefit.

You can use the Reserve Benefit for:

  • OPD expenses: Such as doctor consultations, diagnostic tests, pharmacy and more
  • Medical devices, health foods and supplements
  • To pay up to 50% of your premium, after 5 continuous renewals
Reserve Benefit earns a 6% bonus

This plan secures your future by building a Reserve that you can rely upon for your health needs. Your unused Reserve gets carried forward to your next policy year and earns a 6% bonus at renewal as well!

Situation 3- You have really young kids and old parents who you need to take to the doctor often

Those doctor bills, medicines and diagnostic tests can gradually become difficult to manage. To help make it easier for you to care for your loved ones, we came up with an OPD plan; Day2Day Care. This plan covers:

  • Unlimited general & specialist doctor consultations at our network centres
  • Pharmacy & diagnosticsincluding pathology, radiology, vaccination and physiotherapy.
  • Annual preventive health check-up cover, with the Gold Plan variant

This health plan gives you back your right to avail quality healthcare, no matter what the cost.

Situation 4- You have just got married and are planning to have kids in a few years’ time

Well, then Easy Health would certainly make your life easy! That’s because this medical insurance plan provides all the benefits and coverage your family needs to blossom into its healthiest, happiest version.

  • Maternity expenses, covered after a waiting period of 3-4 years, in the Exclusive and Premium plan
  • Newborn baby- Additional benefit on payment of additional premium
  • Stay Active benefit – Earn up to 8% discount on renewal premium for the steps you take! This benefit is aimed at helping you stay active and healthy.
  • AYUSH benefit – Coverage for in-patient treatment taken under Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.

This health plan gives you back your right to avail quality healthcare, no matter what the cost.

Situation 5- You have diabetes or hypertension.

People with diabetes are usually not accepted under regular health insurance plans. That’s why Apollo Munich Health Insurance has crafted a health insurance plan called Energy that caters to diabetic and hypertensive patients. Some of the features of this health insurance policy are:

  • Coverage from Day 1
  • Comprehensive coverage for in-patient, pre and post hospitalisation
  • Wellness programunder which two medical checks are administered during the policy year
  • Reward points on the basis of positive results from medical checks
– Renewal premium discount of up to 25%

– Reimbursement amounting to up to 25% of renewal premium towards your medical expenses, such as consultation fees, medicines, diagnostics, dental expenses and other miscellaneous charges not covered under medical insurance.

Let not diabetes make your life bitter. Let Apollo Munich’s Energy fill your life with renewed energy and the zeal to enjoy a healthier life.

Situation 6- You have a family history of critical illness

Critical illnesses come unannounced and can change the course of your life. But if you are prepared in advance, you can be assured that in the unfortunate incident of contracting a critical illness, you will be well-prepared to not only get quality treatment but to also get compensated for loss of income.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance’s Optima Vital is a fixed benefit health insurance plan that covers 37 listed critical illnesses, medical events or surgical procedures.

  • Wide range of sum insured options, ranging from INR 1 lakh to INR 50 lakhs
  • Lump sum payout, irrespective of actual cost of treatment
  • Lump sum provided over and above any insurance cover you may have received from another insurance policy
  • Second opinion in case of diagnosis of a critical illness, from a medical practitioner of your choice from our panel
Situation 7- You are looking for a top-up health insurance plan

If you already have an existing medical insurance cover and you would rather not pay the premium of a full-fledged health policy, you can opt for a top-up health insurance plan to further enhance your cover.

Apollo Munich’s Optima Super is a big insurance hiding inside a small one. That’s because you can convert this top-up mediclaim plan into a full-fledged nil deductible health insurance plan at retirement!

Here are some of the reasons that make Optima Super a super buy.

  • Wide range of deductible options, ranging from INR 1 lakh to INR 10 lakh.
  • Affordable premium
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Super Benefit : Convert to a full-fledged nil deductible health insurance plan at retirement

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