Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in India 2019 

Selecting the proper 4-wheeler insurance is the problem for many 4-wheeler owners in India.  Recently Government of India made a rule that 4-wheeler owners should be insured with minimum 3rd party liability coverage. So when comes to purchasing a new car insurance people might get confusions and end up choosing less coverage for their 4-wheelers.  Sometimes it is good to have a fair idea of what kind of insurance is available in the market and what kind of plans are the company providing you, which is suitable for your car. It is also important to choose a reliable car-insurance company to get trouble –free experience while claiming the insurance. To make your work easier while finding car insurance, we provide you the best car insurance companies India.


This company is one of the top insurance companies in India. The bank has a strong name in the insurance market and provides best offers for insurance, particularly for car coverage. The company offers the clients a good deal whether you are from rural or urban cities of India. For car coverage, the company provides good offers like coverage to your 4-wheelers against accidents, mishaps, and free pick-up and drop service for the minimum period during the insurance cover.


The company has collaborated with American International Group and Tata group. This venture provides the best coverage to 4-wheelers all over the country. In last year, the company has provided high-quality coverage to customers like extended warranty services, accident cover, and good accessories to 4-wheelers. So customers are given a choice to choose their insurance for the 4-wheelers.

Bharti AXA General Insurance

This company has got a large customer center. The company joined its relationship with AXA in 2008. Bharti AXA provides its services in health, home, and car coverage. The company also offers 24*7 support to nationwide customers. So the important functions of this are no-claim cover and provide a fast settlement while claiming.

Oriental Insurance

This company is the best car insurance companies India in the insurance sector which is run by the central government of India. The company services are offered in both urban and rural areas. So oriental insurance company provides its coverage to private cars.  This coverage offers minimum benefits to cars for customers.

Reliance General Insurance Company

This company is the first ever Insurance Company to receive the certificate for offering numerous services in various insurance sectors all over the country. The company also provides good coverage plans to 4-wheelers. The company gives on spot renewal of car insurance without seeing any paperwork and also offers 24*7 roadside assistance specified by the company.

So these are the above companies in the insurance sector. Hope that I have covered all bases while searching for best car insurance companies India and try looking for other companies which give you the best offers in the car insurance sector.

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