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  • Apr 05, 2021

Anabolic steroids taken 2 years old patientago is not responsible for the raise of these enzymes. If AST ALT levels are also high then Hepatitis B C autoimmune disorders should be rule out along with other causes.

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When applying for life insurance and having elevated liver function we try to demonstrate to the underwriter what exactly is causing the issueThe reason for the elevated levels are going to have a significant impact on how the insurance company looks at your application.

Elevated ggt life insurance. The followingdiscussion should answer eight of the most frequently. Heavy drinkers of alcohol many times will have elevated liver enzymes especially GGT. Why Elevated Liver Function Tests Matter to Life Insurance Companies.

I would say that your GGT level is on the higher side if elevated alone other liver enzymes such as ALT AST with in normal range then most likely your GGT levels are elevated due to drinking. Elevated liver function can signal specific health issues or impaired liver function. The cause is known or unknown.

Yes I recently had a life insurance blood profile and for the first time ever my numbers were a little high on some values. Pavan Kumar Gupta General Family Physician. The high GGT is due to alcohol intake and the inflammation to the liver from the same.

Since the widespread introduction of the blood test requirement for life insurance the interpretation of liver function tests AST ALT GGT has generated intense interest. I believe that your GGT level is elevated alone so most. The level of elevation.

Gamma Glutamyl Transferase Also known as GGT test. I was concerned and my Gastroenteroligist did a complete GI evaluation including chemical analysis ERCP in April 1997 and Liver biopsy in. Thanks for the question.

If you have elevated liver function the good news is that you may still qualify for Preferred health class ratings with some life insurance companies. This policy would only cover accidental deaths only but it is good bridge policy until you can go to your doctor and figure out what is causing the elevated GGT levels. When high GGT levels were found in life insurance candidates premium policy pricing or even application rejection often resulted.

So rates rate could range from standard to 125 rate up to decline. An elevation in GGT generally signifieshepatocellular injury resulting from long-standing abusiveintake of alcohol. Their principal reason for measuring GGT levels was its ability to mark alcohol abuse or risky drinking behavior in life insurance applicants.

Speak to Brian 888 676-5429. Hello Welcome and thanks for your query. GGTGGTP Frequently the most elevated enzyme and most sensitive this enzyme indicates obstruction of the biliary system either within the liver or in the larger bile channels outside the liver.

Aspartate Aminotransferase also known as Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transferase SGOT AST levels greater than 45 UL are considered to be elevated. Liver enzyme tests by life insurance companies include. Gamma glutamyl transferase GGT also known as gammaglutamyltranspeptidase GGTP is normally found only inliver cells.

The GGT or GGTP test is a very sensitive enzyme for the detection of early liver disease or damage and it will also rise when the liver is busy metabolizing some types of drugs or toxins like alcohol. GGTP levels greater than 65 UL are considered to be significant. How much would someone expect to pay for life insurance if the had elevated liver functions.

In cases with isolated elevation of. Elevated GGT levels can indicate liver damage some other serious health issue and or issues with chronic alcohol abuse. If you stop drinking alcohol it will return to normal and you are less likely to have any chronic liver disease.

There are a number of disorders that negatively affect the biliary system including gallstones or tumors that block the common bile duct. My GGT was 173 SGPT ALT 45 SGOT AST 48 Bilirubin 72 Total. Instant Life Insurance Quotes Without Contact Information.

GGT is raised if you consume alcohol and sometimes due to certain medications. It is well known that GGT is markedly increased in lesions which cause intrahepatic or extrahepatic obstruction of bile ducts including parenchy-matous liver diseases with a major cholestatic component. Male 50 Non Smoker 500000 term.

This is a real wild card because it depends on so many factors. Alcoholic liver disease as well as drug induced hepatitis block the flow of. High GGT- rejected for life insurance.

But alcohol is not the only drug that canincrease GGT nor are drugs strictly necessary. Your ALT is slightly elevated. This is why elevated GGT readings are a concern to life insurance.

Elevated aspartate aminotransferase AST and alanine aminotransferase ALT have been shown to be associated with primary liver diseases as well as increased all-cause. The number of enzymes that are elevated. I was rejected for additional life insurance in 1997 due to a high GGT test.

The most likely cause is fatty liver disease. However if your GGT reading was extremely elevated and after a quick quote no other companies will insure you you can opt for an accidental death policy. The isolated grossly elevated GGT in the absence of any other lab abnormality certainly warranted further evaluation.

Liver function tests are commonly administered when you apply for fully underwritten life insurance.

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