Ohio Life Insurance Beneficiary Laws

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Life Insurance Law LLC is a nationwide network of attorneys who work with clients to recover denied or delayed life insurance. A No policy of life insurance nor any indorsement rider or application which becomes or is designed to become a part of any such policy shall be delivered issued for delivery or used in this state or be issued by a life insurance company organized under the laws of this state until thirty days after the form of said policy indorsement rider or application has been filed with the superintendent of insurance.

Section 5804 02 Sets Forth The General Requirements For Creating A Trust These Requirements Include Being Of Sound Mind And Being L Estate Planning Ohio Trust

Fortunately under Ohio Medicaid laws life insurance policies only count against Medicaid eligibility if they are owned by the applicant.

Ohio life insurance beneficiary laws. When taking out a life insurance policy it is common to name your spouse as the beneficiary and if you have children your children in the event your spouse is also not alive. Failing to settle claims in a prompt fair and equitable manner can result in serious penalties against the insurer. Section 133963 of the ohio revised code which took effect on may 31 1990 provides that upon the termination of a marriage by divorce dissolution or annulment all life insurance beneficiary designations in favor of a former spouse are automatically terminated unless the divorce decree specifically provides otherwise.

Divorce decree does not mention life insurance policies. When a life insurance claim is filed an Ohio insurance provider is required to pay the amount to the beneficiary promptly. Payments are typically made within a month after the provider receives proof of death.

Call our Life Insurance Law hotline at 215 531-7961 to get advice sympathetic understanding or even a confidential free case evaluation for your claim. The Ohio court of appeals disagreed with the trial courts reasoning. For example in Ohio there is a default rule that a termination of marriage will automatically revoke a designation of the ex-spouse as a beneficiary unless the divorce decree says otherwise.

It doesnt matter if the applicant is the person who is insured or even if they are the beneficiary. If you are eligible for basic life insurance as an exempt employee and have a spouse that is also a State of Ohio employee you cannot be covered as a dependent under his or her life insurance coverage. However the court of appeals overruled the trial court.

Common reasons to dispute a life insurance beneficiary designation include. Yes you can contest a life insurance beneficiary designation and you may be able to sue for life insurance proceeds. Its also possible to name a beneficiary who isnt able to accept the benefits when the time comes.

IRAs 401ks and other retirement accounts. Other Situations in Ohio Inheritance Law. But the effective date of this statute began on May 31 1990.

There are circumstances under which an insured must name their former spouse as beneficiary to their life insurance policy. Ohio law determines at least one instance when this might occur automatically. Question arises as to who is entitled to the life insurance proceeds.

Husband did not change beneficiary designations. Yes and no. Once the divorce decree is finalized you must notify your insurance company so that they can revoke your former spouse from receiving life insurance benefits.

If another person or entity owns the policy it doesnt count against the applicants eligibility. B1 Unless the designation of beneficiary or the judgment or decree granting the divorce dissolution of marriage or annulment specifically provides otherwise and subject to division B2 of this section if a spouse designates the other spouse as a beneficiary or if another person having the right to designate a beneficiary on behalf of the spouse designates the other spouse as a beneficiary and if after either. In some cases state law has attempted to cure the common case where an owner of a financial account fails to update a beneficiary designation.

Its become common for states to institute a survivorship law requiring that an heir outlive the decedent for a certain amount of time before he or she becomes eligible to an inheritance. It held that under Ohio precedent a life insurance company waives technical requirements of a beneficiary change when it files an interpleader suit. State law mandates a beneficiary change.

Theres no law that says you must name a beneficiary on your life insurance policy but if you dont state law can get involved with what happens next. The beneficiary may be a spouse a relative a child a friend a trust etc. A divorce decree can override a beneficiary designation in a life insurance policy only in cases where the divorce decree usually a state court order is not preempted by laws controlling the life insurance policy itself.

This is generally done to protect spousal support or alimony child support or pension or retirement funds and is ordered by a family law judge as part of the property settlement agreement during divorce proceedings. Certain federal laws governing federal life insurance policies can trump conflicting state law documents. Section 133963 of the Ohio Revised Code which took effect on May 31 1990 provides that upon the termination of a marriage by divorce dissolution or annulment all life insurance beneficiary designations in favor of a former spouse are automatically terminated unless.

When a policyholder passes away his or her life insurance benefit is supposed to go to the named beneficiary. Therefore in that context the test should not be substantial compliance with such requirements but what was the insureds clearly expressed intent regarding the proper beneficiary. A beneficiary is a person who is named in this contract as a recipient of the life insurance proceeds in the event of the insured persons death.

Usually the owner of the policy may name any person or an entity as the beneficiary. The amount of life insurance is equal to one times the employees annualized rate of pay rounded up to the next closest 1000. Beneficiary payouts for life insurance.

Trial court rules that Ohio Revised Code Section 531533 applies and wife receives nothing. Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations prior to May 31 1990 In Ohio upon divorce ORC 133963 operates to automatically revoke a spouse as beneficiary to an insurance policy if owned by the other spouse.

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